Resources for OCaml beginners.

Mailing lists

The ocaml_beginners mailing list is an essential resource for beginners. Post your simple question there, and lots of knowledgable people who hang out on that list will help you out.

The main OCaml mailing list is also available to answer questions, but please don't ask beginners' questions on this list.

ocaml-developer is a low-traffic mailing-list about practical software development with OCaml.

Sample code

Look in the Caml Hump for many example programs.

Lablgtk/lablgtk2 also comes with short example programs.

Wikis is the wiki you are reading. is a wiki that can be used for various kinds of collaborations around OCaml. Project ideas, news about specific projects, round table discussions, opinions about OCaml programming, and more can be put there. No registration is required.

Other tutorials and resources

(To be filled in - please see the main page).