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This page would be extremely useful if it were accurate and complete. I am not too much into web technologies myself, so if anyone who is more experienced in the field could help, it would nice. I imagine that the readers that find this article would think that OCaml is such an experimental language with no library at all, which is not true of course. -- Martin

Draft for a decent version of this page

The goal of the page would be to add some glue around what can be found in the Caml hump, and give simple examples for each library which is presented.


  1. Introduction
  2. Standard networking primitives (from the Unix module)
  3. CGI programming: standalone executables using ocamlnet, bytecode modules using mod_caml
  4. XML
  5. SOAP
  6. RSS feeds
  7. Support for other protocols
  8. Heavy text processing, templates
  9. Internationalization