How do I find the ideal vehicle for my height?

Obtaining a comfortable vehicle can be a challenging proposition for those who are either taller or shorter than average. Luckily, by following a few tips, one can increase the chances of finding a car that suits their unique frame. Read on for our handy guide to finding a properly-sized ride!

For the Tall

Tall individuals should first determine whether it’s their torso or legs (or both) that are longer than average.

Headroom and legroom specs for most vehicles can be found with a simple Google search. Another option is to use the Car Finder tool on AutoBlog. Filtering results by “Head Room” and/or “Leg Room” will sort models based on the measurements above.

For the Short

Those who consider themselves short have a few strategies they can pursue.

Two elements to be wary of when going for larger vehicles like the ones referenced above are ease of entry/exit and ability to access the cargo area. Before choosing such a ride, prospective buyers should test out their ability to get in and out, as well as to reach the raised cargo liftgate (or into the trunk). If these elements are a concern, a smaller vehicle may be in order.